About Us


When we view life through a lens of optimism and gratitude; we are living in abundance. That is one of Linden’s mantras. A lady whose life is all about positivity and love. Love, Linden is a project about uniquely handcrafted art pieces that is all about upcycling jewellery. Now, what is upcycling jewellery? I am sure most people already know what is upcycling but I will give a short elaboration in the WHAT section below. Hereon, I will go a little further in answering, the 5 Ws and the H.


Linden is a visionary with the willingness to help others without expectations and has a keen ability to go with the flow (creature of spontaneity). Being the futuristic and imaginative person that Linden is, gives her the inclination to be productive and creative. In the pursuit to express her love and devotion, Love, Linden project is her playground. Her personality contributes a major merit to her craft, you are not living if you do not love and laugh. She is living and thriving on every second she is designing and crafting. 


Upcycling is a way of recreating an item or product to make it better than it originally was, adding value by metamorphosing or reinventing. It is the new wave of sustainable fashion / trend. In all of her pieces, Linden gives her own modern touch made with dedication and LOVE. By creating one of a kind jewellery that is artistic and wearable, that’s her applause on every single art piece, be it a necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring.


Jewellery is never enough for anyone right? I am sure whilst you are reading this page you are thinking about your jewellery and accessories in myriad of designs and colours. One of the reasons is we either have heirloom and jewellery that probably was handed down to us by our loving parents or grandparents, but maybe the design is too old fashioned or it is broken or damaged and we cannot wear them. What Linden has done and thought of is to preserve that significant sentimental value that money cannot buy for others. By throwing her creativity into the mix, salvation and a new life!


How it all came about was when Linden received a box of Jade and Jadeite from her loving mother. She redesigned, played with other precious stones like Amethyst, Onyx, Agates, Jaspers, Lapis, Corals and the list goes on. Linden created a few pieces for herself which she donned and she became her own exhibition for her own fine work – the outcome, overwhelmingly phenomenal. She gave new purpose to the jewellery her mother gave her and she found it to be fulfilling and Upcycling Jewellery became a hit.


Based in the lovely sunny island Singapore, that’s where Linden designs and creates her jewellery. Being the entrepreneur and the enterprising person that she is, she knows what qualities are paramount in running a business with good ethics and etiquette – crafts with a conscience. All stones are cleansed before being used – hurray to good vibes and positive energy!


Our Services include Redesigning, Customisation and Bespoke Jewellery designs. We also encourage you to be part of the upcycling movement by donating your unused jewellery.