Our Upcycled Movement

Our Upcycled Movement

Upcycling is a way of recreating an item or product to make it better than it originally was, adding value by metamorphosing or reinventing. It is the new wave of sustainable fashion / trend. In all of her pieces, Linden gives her own modern touch made with dedication and LOVE. By creating one of a kind jewellery that is artistic and wearable, that’s her applause on every single art piece, be it a necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring.

Love, Linden Upcycled Jewellery is a movement to encourage reuse of your jewellery parts. We will use the parts donated to create lovely pieces with semi-precious stones. Every design has an upcycled piece.


If you would like to donate your unused jewellery to be upcycled, please send them to:-

My MailBox No : 882835

Singapore 919191


Please write your name and mobile number.

Indicate ‘Donate’ or ‘Redesign’.

We will be in touch via whatsapp once we receive it.

For those who donate, you will receive

a S$25 promo code to use on lovelinden.com